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Feltham Jobs a totally free service for our local community

As we continue to be seriously affected by Covid-19 it's clear that jobs in the area have been badly affected, will continue to be affected and will take much time to recover to previous levels.

Having run a jobs group on Facebook for several years and seen the numbers looking increase, I thought it would be helpful to the community to launch this site.

The plan is for the site to be totally free for local employers and applicants to use, to be advertising free, and to only carry jobs in the area around Feltham, but I'm willing to be flexible on this because people do travel every day to get to work, and I want to try and attract as many employers as possible to use the site.

I'm not trying to compete with the huge job sites out there, and have no desire to do anything with the site other than to help local people find work.

This is a single person running the site, so please be patient as we get things up and running, and feel free to ask any questions by (initially) sending email to